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LED Light Bulbs and LED Lighting – Questions and Answers

Frequently ask questions about LED Light Bulbs and LED Lighting Products:


 Q: Can I replace all my standard incandescent and fluorescent light bulbs with LED bulbs?

A: LED bulbs are now being manufactured in more shapes, sizes and wattages, some of these LED light bulbs do a great job at replacing the comparable halogen or incandescent bulb they are designed to replace, however, some types of lighting, especially linear fluorescent bulbs are already very efficient and are proven in the field to have a very long life (rated up to 62,000 hours) , so LED’s are not a good option when looking at those areas to convert. So the bottom line is that each lighting application needs to be analyzed separately to see what bulbs are currently being used and what LED product would replace that bulb, compare the wattage saved (if any) by switching to LED, figure the difference in lamp life, and add the savings of labor to replacement the current bulbs, then calculate the return on investment to see if it make sense to replace the bulbs. A worthwhile Return on Investment would be a business decision based on a financial returns , labor savings or other environmental considerations. Since LED’s are an emerging technologies the prices will most likely decline in the future and the effeciency and quality of LED bulbs will most likely go up  in the future, so you more than likely will be able to purchase a better quality bulbs in near future for less money.


Q: What makes an LED bulb different than a standard incandescent light bulb?

A:  An LED is a light emitting diode. This light emitting diode is mounted on a circuit board with some other electronics circuitry and when the power is turned on the diode emmits lights. The LED lights that are currently available generally contain one or more solid state circuit boards placed into a “circuit board holder” that is shaped like a common type of light bulb. Even though the outer shell of the product can look the same, a big part of the expense of LED product is the quality and number of the LED chips and the LED drivers (or transformers) that are incorporated into the product. Some of the less expensive products may contain more “lower wattage” or less efficient LED chips or drivers, while the more expensive LED products will generally contain high quality components and better light optics than their less expense counter-parts. The selection process of purchasing the correct LED lighting is a critical step to make your conversion process to LED lighting successful.


 Q: How do I know which LED bulb to use to replace the existing lighting that I have in place now?

A: LED light bulbs should have an area on the packaging that is referred to as “Lighting Facts”. This information describes the lumens, color temperature, color rendering, wattage and comparable incandescent wattage.  Even though this information is printed on the carton, you should test a small area of a facility for several months before making a final decision, so you can get a good idea of the light that will be produced from the products under consideration. Within this period, you should check for color shifting, loss of light output (an inherent problem with LED’s) and any early failures. Also look for products that are Energy Star Rated these items have ben subjected to extensive testing and the information on the lighting facts label have been verified.


Q:  Why do different brands of LED bulbs have such a difference in the Average Rated Life?

A: LED bulbs can have a wide range of “Average Rated Life” printed on the box due to many factors. Since there are limited consistent testing standards for manufacturers to follow or abide by, some manufacturers have got very creative in assigning Life Ratings to their products. Some have used the rated life of the LED chips prior to being incorporated into the final finished products (or the average rated life of a single LED chip in a laboratory setting  or under ideal conditions), others are taking a best guess approach, since some of the manufacturers have not been in business as long as the average rated life of their bulbs. The key here is to stick with Quality Lighting Brands, manufactures that have been in the lighting business for a long time, to mention a few quality product manufactures; Sylvania, Philips, and Toshiba have been in the lighting business for years and would be able to cover warranty issues if problems should arise in the future.


 Q: Why are LED bulbs more expensive than other light bulbs?

A: The costs on LED bulbs vary depending on the quality of the LED components and LED optics. Some of the imported brands offer less efficient and lower quality models, and the major manufacturers offering an LED product with more testing and usually their products carry an Energy Star Rating. Since LED bulbs and LED lighting is still an evolving technology the prices on LED products will continue to drop and effeciencies will increase as newer more efficient configurations and designs become available and LED production volumes increase.


Q: Should I buy LED’s that have an Energy Star Rating?

A: An Energy Star Rating is a way that you can tell that the bulbs you are purchasing have been through a consistent third party testing and that the manufacturers care about the quality and integrity of the product that they are selling in to the market. Look for the Energy Star Rating to make sure the product you are considering is worth the investment.


Q: How long should LED bulbs last?

A: The life of LED bulbs fluctuate depending on many factors, including the quality of the LED chips, the LED driver (or transformer in the product) and the thermal management (or heat removal) of the fixture housing. Many LED bulbs have life ratings anywhere from 15,000 hours to around 50,000 hours, however there is a continual depreciation (or loss) of light output so that near the end of the rated average life, you may only be receiving 70% or less of the original stated light output. While in some areas this loss of light output may not be an issue, however, there are other areas where losing 30% or more of the original intended output could cause serious safety, security, liability and legal issues that need to be considered before installation in these sensitive areas. Make sure you are aware of how this will impact the area that you are considering retrofitting to LED .


Q: Is there anybody that can help me choose the best LED Lighting solution?

A: Frontier Lighting would be glad to assist you in the LED selection process. Our Florida Lighting stores are fully stocked with LED light bulbs and LED fixtures, in addition thousands of other light bulbs, fixtures, replacement globes, replacement fixture parts, sockets and more. We also offer Free Local Delivery to business customers via our fleet of delivery vans, and businesses and households across North America via UPS and selected freight lines to daily.



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Frontier Lighting is an authorized distributor for Osram Sylvania and is Sylvania’s largest independent lighting distributor in Florida, and one of the 3 largest lighting distributor in the Southeastern United States. As one of Sylvania’s top tier lighting suppliers in the country, Frontier Lighting has direct access to SylvaniaSylvania Light Bulbs and Ballasts, Sarasota, Bradenton, Clearwater, Tampa, Ft Myers, Naples, Lakeland, Orlando, Miami for priority shipments, technical support, and their latest generation of quality energy saving lighting products– LED light bulbs, compact and linear fluorescent tubes, halogen reflector PAR light bulbs, Quicktronic Electronic fluorescent ballasts and induction lighting and more. Frontier Lighting would be glad to provide you information on any Sylvania Lighting product. All of our sales staff have completed training at Osram Sylvania’s LightPoint Institute in Danvers, Massachusetts. Sylvania still has factories in the USA, where they produce lamps. Frontier Lighting is Florida’s best LED source, with a full selection of Screw in LED Light Bulbs, LED Landscape Lighting, Indoor LED light fixtures, Outdoor LED light fixtures, LED Parking Lot Lighting, LED Fluorescent Retrofits, LED Under Counter Light Fixtures and much more. Call, stop by or visit our on-line superstore for prompt professional service.



About Frontier Lighting:

Founded in 1987 as a customer focused Lighting Supplier, Frontier Lighting is experienced at providing cost effective lighting solutions, including LED lighting, Fluorescent lighting , Halogen lighting, Metal Halide lighting, High Pressure Sodium and Incandescent to all types of business, industrial, commercial, residential, hotels, churches, restaurants and more. Frontier Lighting Supply, based on Florida’s suncoast, specializes in supplying standard and hard to find light bulbs, ballasts, and light fixtures and we would be glad to provide you with an energy audit of your facilities indoor and/or outdoor lighting Frontier Lighting is Florida's Number One Supplier of Lighting - Clearwater, Sarasota, Ft Myers, Bradenton needs to show you where you can save energy and reduce your electric bills. Frontier Lighting also supplies all the lighting need you may have to keep your facility in top shape, including light bulbs, LED Lighting, LED retrofits, LED Bulbs and fixtures, ballasts, sockets, replacement lenses, globes, indoor or outdoor, and landscape light fixtures. Frontier Lighting Supply provides daily delivery to businesses in Tampa, Clearwater, Tarpon Springs, Palm Harbor, Largo, St Petersburg, Tampa, Lakeland, Bradenton, Sarasota, Venice, Lakewood Ranch, Ft Myers, Naples, Lakeland, and the surrounding metro areas via our fleet of delivery vans and we ship daily to businesses and households across the Southeastern USA and the North America daily via UPS and selected freight carriers. Visit our online lighting superstore at www.FrontierLighting.com to place your orders at our secure site.


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Frontier Lighting has been a member of the National Association of Independent Lighting Distributors (NAILD) since 2001. NAILD was founded in 1977 and since that time, the main objectives of NAILD have been to increase the effectiveness and profitability of the specialized lighting distributor through educational programs; to make available to members information pertaining to the distribution of lighting products; to develop marketing plans and programs through an exchange of ideas & to improve membership awareness of supplier marketing programs; and promote the need for and the benefit of providing good lighting. NAILD has always been geared toward the education of industry Lighting Professionals.

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