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Museums Warned About Using LED Bulbs and LED Lighting

Florida Museums Warned About Using LED Bulbs and LED Lighting

          Museums are warned to reconsider the use of LED Lighting       Museums should proceed with caution when using LED lighting near paintings to prevent certain colors from further fading away. Recent testing shows that some of the  key works tested began changing bright-yellow color due to exposure to energy efficient LED lighting installed in museums worldwide. Samples of 14 works dated from 1887 and 1890 were tested for the reaction which affects an oil painting color that is know as Chrome-Yellow. According to the experts the bright-yellow pigment becomes unstable under LED lighting and over time turns a shade of brownish green. Scientists in Europe reportedly using x-ray technology analyzed the bright-yellow tones in key works from Van Gogh, Cezanne and Gaugin. They are asking museums to reconsider the use of LED lighting.      LED lighting, so far on the surface, seems to be an energy efficient replacement for some traditional lighting , but since LED light bulbs and LED Lighting have only been in limited use in general lighting for 2 years or so, there is no collection of historical data on the long term performance, environment, health, or other affects (if any)  from the use of LED bulbs and LED lighting. Lighting applications or installation areas in the future may ultimately be deemed unsuitable for the use of LED lighting if specific negative impacts are discovered as the use of LED lighting in general lighting areas increases.   Sylvania’s Largest Independent Lighting Distributor in Florida! Frontier Lighting is an authorized distributor for Osram Sylvania and is Sylvania’s largest independent lighting distributor […]

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LED Light Bulbs and LED Lighting – Questions and Answers

Frequently ask questions about LED Light Bulbs and LED Lighting Products:    Q: Can I replace all my standard incandescent and fluorescent light bulbs with LED bulbs?  A: LED bulbs are now being manufactured in more shapes, sizes and wattages, some of these LED light bulbs do a great job at replacing the comparable halogen or incandescent bulb they are designed to replace, however, some types of lighting, especially linear fluorescent bulbs are already very efficient and are proven in the field to have a very long life (rated up to 62,000 hours) , so LED’s are not a good option when looking at those areas to convert. So the bottom line is that each lighting application needs to be analyzed separately to see what bulbs are currently being used and what LED product would replace that bulb, compare the wattage saved (if any) by switching to LED, figure the difference in lamp life, and add the savings of labor to replacement the current bulbs, then calculate the return on investment to see if it make sense to replace the bulbs. A worthwhile Return on Investment would be a business decision based on a financial returns , labor savings or other environmental considerations. Since LED’s are an emerging technologies the prices will most likely decline in the future and the effeciency and quality of LED bulbs will most likely go up  in the future, so you more than likely will be able to purchase a better quality bulbs in near future for less money.        Q: What makes an LED bulb different than a standard […]

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T8 LED Commercial Grade Fluorescent Retrofit Strip Tubes

      T8 LED Commercial Grade Fluorescent Retrofit Frontier Lighting is pleased to offer Sylvania Lighting’s new commercial grade T8 LED lamps.  Sylvania’s 10 watt and 20 watt commercial grade LED replacement lamps are an energy saving alternative to standard T8 or T12 fluorescent lamps. The LED lamps combine a mechanical design and innovative optics designed to provide a light distribution pattern similar to standard fluorescent lamps, consuming less power. The LED T8 replacement lamp is a quick and easy retrofit designed to be a direct fluorescent replacement with a dedicated internal driver. The 10 watt 24” LED T8 lamp produces 850 lumens, and the 48” 20 watt version produces 1750 lumens. Available in 2700k, 3000k, 3500k, 4100k, and 5000k with a CRI of more than 84 color rendering. The T8 retrofit lamp is a great option for saving energy, is vibration and impact resistant and has an average rated lamp life of 46,000 hours. The T8 LED retrofits could also replace T12 fluorescent lamps. These commercial grade T8 LED lamps come in 5 different color temperatures CCT: 2700k, 3000k, 3500k, 4100k, 5000k. We would be glad to help you determine the correct lamp type to achieve your lighting goals.         Cost Effective Lighting to fit your Specific Lighting Needs!   Frontier Lighting is a wholesale lighting distributor specializing in light bulbs, ballasts, lighting fixtures and replacement parts and light sources including metal halide, LED Light Bulbs, LED Fixtures, fluorescent, induction lighting, cold cathode, halogen, high pressure sodium, mercury, and incandescent light. Since Frontier Lighting  has access […]

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35 Years and Still Training America’s Lighting Distributors

Florida 35 Years and Still Training America’s Lighting Distributors

The National Association of Independent Lighting Distributors, or NAILD for short, is celebrating it’s 35th year of training members of the Lighting Industry.    The National Association of Independent Lighting Distributors (NAILD) was founded in 1977 by a small group of lighting distributors looking for a way to provide training and education to the staff of independent lighting distributors across the United States. Since it’s founding, NAILD has grown to well over 180 members. Membership in the association is made up of Specialty Lighting Distributors from across the country and Vendor/Manufacturers of lighting goods & supplies used in the operation of specialized lighting distributors. From compact fluorescent, metal halide, high pressure sodium, to now LED Lighting, NAILD has been the industry’s training organization.            Some of the main objectives of NAILD are to increase the effectiveness of the specialized lighting distributor through educational programs; to make available to members information pertaining to the distribution of lighting products; to develop marketing plans and programs through an exchange of ideas, networking and promote the need for and the benefits of providing quality lighting. Only Lighting Distributors and Vendor Distributors meeting NAILD’s requirements are invited to join NAILD.      One of the original founding members of NAILD was the late Joe Stevens, of Stevens Lighting Supply in Clearwater, Florida. In 2001, Frontier Lighting aquired Stevens Lighting Supply and felt that it was our responsibility to continue the legacy and efforts started by Joe Stevens and the other founding members and Frontier Lighting has been an active member since 2001, attending the annual training conferences which consist of Industry speakers, business round tables, and lighting training classes, […]

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RAB Lighting introduces LED Floodlights to replace 250 Watt Metal Halide

Florida RAB Lighting introduces LED Floodlights to replace 250 Watt Metal Halide

RAB Introduces it’s new line of LED Flood Lights !   RAB Lighting, the leading manufacturer of affordable LED lighting, has expanded its popular LFLOOD line of floodlights with the addition of its new “FXLED78,” a 78 Watt LED replacement for 250 Watt metal halide floodlights. The first LED floodlight to offer the benefits of high wattage capabilities in an affordable price range, the FXLED78 represents a highly-efficient alternative to standard metal halide counterparts while delivering an unprecedented combination of light quality, long life, and affordability to a broad range of outdoor commercial LED lighting applications. Ideal for building facade lighting as well as signage, landscaping, security lighting, and other outdoor commercial applications requiring higher power, RAB’s FXLED78 delivers over 5,900 lumens of highly uniform light and exceeds industry standards for efficiency, performance, and chromatic stability. The FXLED78 delivers nearly 70% energy savings relative to standard 250-Watt metal halide systems and further incorporates RAB’s breakthrough, patent-pending heatsinking technology. In addition, the fixture is available in both slipfitter and trunnion mounting options to promote ease of installation, support the ideal positioning of light, and ensure that light is delivered precisely where it’s needed for the application at hand. “With this product, building owners now have access to an affordable, high output LED product that delivers the benefits of energy-efficiency, long life, and low maintenance,” says RAB Lighting CEO Ross Barna. “Our new FXLED78 really “packs a punch” and we’re excited to be launching this breakthrough new product to the market.” Available in […]

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Sylvania RT Series LED Trim Slashes Energy Consumption

Florida Sylvania RT Series LED Trim Slashes Energy Consumption

   Slash your Energy Costs with Sylvania’s new Recessed Trim (RT) series LED Retrofit Kit      Sylvania has raised the bar for recessed LED lighting retrofit kits.Sylvania’s new ULTRA RT SERIES is an energy efficient, long life, LED recessed trim down-light kit. Sylvania’s newly designed trim, creating high performing white light and a 35,000 hour rated life is optimized for new construction and retrofitting existing applications. The Ultra RT Series trim using only 11 watts of power has the ability to replace a 65 watt Br30 flood bulb, saving 54 watts (or saving 83% of the power required to power the 65 watt Br30 bulbs) and provides excellent color rendering at 82 CRI and a selection of either 2700K (similar to the color of an incandescent bulb) or a cooler 3000K color temperature (similar to the color of light put out by a halogen bulb). Installation is a snap and is done quickly and easily in most standard six-inch or four inch diameter recessed cans:  • Insulated Ceiling Housings • Airtight Housings • Non-IC housings   Key Features & Benefits:    Sylvania’s new RT series LED retrofit trims last 17 times longer than standard incandescent lamps. It is an instant-on with full light output and stable lamp to lamp color and requires no warm up time. Using only 17% of the power of a standard 65 watt Br30 flood, the RT trim saves you money on your power bill and with the 35,000 hour rated superior life, saves you time. • Meets California Title […]

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The Ultimate Identity Theft Ring

Florida The Ultimate Identity Theft Ring

              The Ultimate Identity Theft Ring !         All of us have heard about identity theft, where a person steals the identity of another, usually for financial  gain.  Years of a persons good reputation of promptly paying bills, managing money, and trying to be an overall good American Citizen, are stolen over a short period of time. This also happens to some businesses, mainly product  manufacturers, they are being increasingly victimized by a type of identity theft, one that substitues a cheap fake product  in lieu of the real thing. Not only does the manufacturer not make a profit on the sale of the fake product, their Brand  Name reputation is   now on the line for an inferior (maybe deadly) product that thier company never manufactured or authorized anyone else to make. Most of the time these products are manufactured in plants overseas and shipped into this country.  While these counterfeits products show up from many brands, such as Gucci and Rolex, the consequences however are much less deadly than in the electrical and lighting industries. Once viewed as a “victimless crime”, product counterfeiting is big business, estimated to cost the US economy between $200 billion to $250 billion dollars a year and is responsible for the loss of 750,000 American jobs.  How do these products get into the US markets, or get to the end users who purchased them?    The Value of Buying from Authorized Distributors!      Authorized distributors are wholesale distributors who have established an agreement to purchase directly from a specific lighting manufacturer. They must meet the manufacturer’s standards from sales to service in order to receive an authorized status. Most wholesale Lighting distributors […]

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