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Florida Energy Audits: Cutting Energy Costs & ROI Energy Savings

The first step to cutting your energy costs is to figure out where large portions of your energy are being used, causing your power bill to make that unwanted upward trend. Frontier Lighting has been preparing energy audits for our commercial, industrial and multi-family housing customers since 1987. An energy audit provides the first step to analyzing your current lighting system and the power consumed to generate the light needed. Also at this time if necessary we can take reading of your existing foot candles for the areas in your facility. We would also gather at this time an understanding of any areas that you would like increased the light levels for safety or security issues, and any areas that you would like to reduce the light levels. Many times just cleaning or replacing your lenses or globes and replacing your fluorescent bulbs you can actually increase your light levels. We would then focus on reducing the power consumption in the areas using inefficient lighting and offer higher efficiency lighting systems. By integrating occupancy sensors, time clocks and photo cells to the system you may be able to reduce your energy consumption further. Frontier Lighting has a proven track record with thousands of satisfied customers in central and south Florida and can provide you with computer reports showing energy savings and payback or (return on investment, ROI) for converting to more energy efficient lighting technologies.

Frontier Lighting is an Authorized Osram Sylvania Distributor:

All of our sales staff has completed specialized training at Osram Sylvania Light Point Institute for Lighting in Danvers, Massachusetts and work daily with fluorescent, LED (light emitting diodes), metal halide, mercury, high pressure sodium, low pressure sodium and cold cathode lighting. Frontier Lighting is Osram Sylvania’s largest independent lighting distributor in Florida and we would be glad to provide you with an objective analysis of any type of light bulb or light fixture that you are considering. Call our experienced customer service staff today for prompt and courteous service.

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