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Interior Lighting

When most new building are built or build-outs inside of existing building, generally a fixture layout is done to determine how much light is going to be required for each area and where the light fixtures are going to be placed in the rooms. For large office buildings, or condos, or large projects like malls and schools or universities the lighting layout are usually done by the architect that is designing the structure. We have seen some of these that are very complex in design. The architect lays out the fixture placement and lists all the fixture types onto what is called a “fixture schedule”. The fixture schedule provides a summarized view of all the lighting that is going to be used in the whole building.

Many times when smaller interior build-outs are done, the lighting layout is handled by a lighting distributor like Frontier Lighting. Frontier Lighting would get the room dimensions, ceiling height and determine the desired foot candles and use a computer program that runs a “point by point” lighting layout. With this information we can get a accurate layout of where the fixture need to be installed. Frontier Lighting has the experience and range of products to handle any size job. We are an authorized distributor for all the leading light bulb manufacturers like Osram Sylvania, TCP, Prolume, Phillips, Ushio, and SLI. A partial list of authorized Light fixtures lines from Lithonia, Metalux, Atlas, RAB, Simkar, Crescent, Stonco and a partial authorized distributor listing of Lighting Controllers and Ballasts from Intermatic Timers, Lutron Dimming, Sensor Switch, Sunpark, Fulham, Advanced, Universal, Osram Sylvania, Robertson, and Keystone.

Exterior Parking Lot Lighting

Parking lot lighting is always a major concern for businesses that have people on their grounds at night. Parking lots should be amply lit to provide for safety and security for customers or employees at night. The actual levels of light that are needed depend on the type of business activity or how and when the parking lot is being used. Is this a retail environment with customer entering and exiting till 9 or 10 at night or maybe all night, or is this an office building where lighting is only a problem in the winter months when the daylight hours are shorter. When working with Parking Lot lighting photometric data is available to establish how much light is being cast on to the parking lot. These computer generated reports “Point by Point” lighting layouts show exactly how many foot candles are in each area of the parking lot with an actual foot candle reading. You can then compare the point by point foot candles lighting layout with the foot candles needed. Frontier Lighting is experienced in the layout of parking lot lighting and would be glad to help you with any needs you have. If you are interested in increased light output for safety and security, or energy saving with LED lighting or just replacing the bulbs and ballasts Frontier Lighting can help. Call one of our centrally located Florida branches near you for prompt, professional, courteous customer service.

Exterior Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting is a important part of the ascetics and nighttime drama of buildings. The landscape lighting in the front of buildings provides a way of showcasing and accenting the building’s architectural features. Landscape lighting is other areas of a property can provide safety and security and add drama to dark areas. Landscape lighting can make a big difference is safety around outdoor stairs and pool areas, added drama around walkways/ pathways and surrounding plant life, added security around entrance and exit areas. By increasing the light levels subtly around these areas you can create a visually exciting outdoor experience. Frontier Lighting has been providing cost effective landscape lighting solutions since 1987. From residential to commercial landscape lighting, Frontier Lighting has the range of products from plastic to solid copper, low voltage to LED landscape lighting to meet the goals and budget for your facility.

Frontier Lighting can help!

Frontier Lighting is a wholesale distributor of light bulbs, light fixtures, ballasts, and replacement parts. Since 1987 Frontier has helped thousands of Florida and national customers with cost effective solutions to interior and exterior lighting problems. With our vast resource network we can provide replacement part for also any fixture, replacement globes and lenses for light fixtures, all types of light bulbs including fluorescent, metal halide, high pressure sodium, mercury, LED, halogen stage and studio lighting and more.

Call our Frontier Lighting customer service representatives, or visit one of our centrally located Florida branches for more information on interior, exterior or landscape lighting layout and design.

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