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Lighting problems can be tough to solve, and at times they are especially annoying if they are in the front of your facility or areas visible to customers or the residents of condos. With all the different types of lighting, used in different light fixtures, for different purposes, sometimes you may need some help trying to figure out exactly how to solve your lighting problem.

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Frontier Lighting is a wholesale lighting distributor and has been providing cost effective lighting solutions for commercial, industrial, condominiums, apartments, hospitals and government buildings across Florida since 1987. Frontier Lighting is experienced with all types of light bulbs, fixtures and ballasts especially fluorescent, incandescent, halogen, LED, metal halide, high pressure sodium, mercury, low pressure sodium, cold cathode and others and is Osram Sylvania’s largest independent authorized lighting distributor in Florida. We can provide you with an objective analysis of a solution that meets the goals of your property. If your fixture housing is still in good shape, Frontier Lighting can find the replacement globes, lenses and replacement sockets for most brands of fixtures for repairing or retrofitting. Whether you are looking for help on recycling bulbs, landscape lighting or office or warehouse lighting, Frontier Lighting has the range of products and the expertise to solve any lighting problem big or small.

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Call our customer service lighting specialists for professional, courteous service. Our Florida branch locations are fully stocked with the energy saving products you need to make your job easier and save you money.

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