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Florida Lighting Power Company Rebates

We can help you reduce your power bills!

Most businesses normally pay their power bill every month without think much about the power consuming sources of what makes their electric bill so high. On average, interior lighting represents about 28% of a businesses power usage. Newly built building have the latest in energy efficient lighting, but many older building are still using older lighting systems. These older lighting systems while still functioning properly may be creating higher energy costs, especially if there are significant hours of use or “burning hours”. We can help you reduce your power bills! Frontier Lighting would be glad to provide you a comprehensive analysis of your facilities lighting needs. Since 1987 Frontier Lighting has been saving businesses time and money by retrofitting interior and exterior lighting systems with high efficiency cost effective lighting systems that produce a solid return on investment and a payback to their owners.

The power companies are involved with energy rebates to help offset the costs of switching from older outdated lighting to new more energy efficient T8, T5 or T5HO fluorescent lighting systems using electronic ballasts and metal halide pulse start lamps with electronic ballast. The electric company rebates apply to qualifying types of lighting in most indoor areas such as offices, medical buildings, or warehouses or covered outdoor area such as parking garages.

Frontier Lighting is your one stop source for all your lighting needs. Since we are an authorized distributor for all the leading lighting brands, we can provide you an objective analysis of all your lighting needs and provide you with cost effective lighting solutions that meet with the goals for your facility. Call our knowledgeable customer service representatives for more information on how you can save time and money by replacing your existing lighting with a high efficiency lighting system.

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