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     Frontier Lighting has a great selection of premium quality fluorescent linear aquarium and plant & grow bulbs. These  fluorescent aquarium light bulbs are blended for optimum plant and marine life. 

  Aqua Max  lightbulbs provide a unique blend of daylight and super actinic rare earth phosphors and provides excellent color enhancing light for both freshwater aquariums and saltwater aquariums.  These lamps provide essential wavelengths for biochemical reactions necessary for the good health of your marine life.

Barrier Reef Blue lightbulbs provide high quality fluorescent aquarium light bulbs and provides life supporting actinic radiant energy at the 400nm – 450nm range where photosynthesis takes place. Precise actinic wavelengths penetrate deeper into a marine environment to nourish corals and living reefs. The Barrier Reef Blue Actinic .03 light bulbs enhance and fluoresces the colors of fish and decorations in your aquarium.

Reptile Bulbs Fluorescent Reptile and aquarium light bulbs are scientifically engineered to provide the perfect blend of UVB and UVA radiant energy, while providing optimum color enhancement for viewing your pet. Essential for the prevention and reversal of metabolic disease by incrasign D3 production and calcium absorption. Fluorescent Reptile and aquarium light bulbs help to increase appetite, promote physical activity and induce reproductive behaviors in reptiles, turtles, snakes, amphibians, exotic birds, and fish. The 24″ 20 watt F20t12/5.3UVB 8617.3 kelvin fluorescent aquarium and reptile light bulbs emit 5.3% UVB at 310nm wavelenght, which results in greater D3 production. UVB – 6.44 UVA – 32.57.

Frontier Lighting also has a selection of plant grow bulbs in incandescent or fluorescent.

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   Frontier Lighting is an authorized and stocking distributor of many quality manufacturers like Osram Sylvania, Ushio lamps, Eiko Specialty lamps, Advance Transformers, Universal Ballsts, Lithonia Lighting, Metalux Lighting, and many more. Frontier Lighting can provide solutions for all your lighting needs. Contact a Frontier Lighting location near you for prompt and professional service or place your order on-line at our lighting superstore at Frontier Lighting.

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