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 Frontier Lighting has the right light for you. Whether you are looking for incandescent, halogen, fluorescent, long life, LED or HID, Frontier Lighting can supply you with the light bulbs you need to save you time and money and to make your job easier. Frontier Lighting is an authorized distributor for the leading brands of light bulbs, lighting  fixtures,  ballasts and related electrical items, including TCP Lighting , Prolume Light Bulbs, Ushio Light bulbs, RAB Light Fixtures, Lithonia Lighting, Intermatic & Tork Time Clocks, Philips Lighting, Advance Ballasts, Universal Ballasts, and Osram Sylvania light bulbs and ballasts. Frontier Lighting is located on Florida’s Suncoast, and is Sylvania’s Largest Independent Lighting Distributor in Florida and a top tier Sylvania distributor in the country. As a top tier Sylvania distributor,  Frontier Lighting has direct access to Sylvania for their fuul range of products, including Sylvania’s latest generation of long life and energy saving light bulbs and ballasts. Frontier Lighting Suppplies LED elevator bulbs that reduces your energy costs, dimmable incandescent and fluorescents, silver bowl bulbs, specialty bulbs, black lights, aquarium bulbs and more. Frontier Lighting helps thousands of business customers a  year solve lighting problems and provide cost effective lighting solutions. Frontier Lighting Supply would be glad to help your company streamline your purchasing process with our customized ordering program. Frontier Lighting Supply delivers to businesses on the west coast Florida and Central Florida via our fleet of delivery vans, and we ship daily across the USA via UPS and selected freight lines.

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Order products on-line at www.FrontierLighting.com, visit one of our Florida Lighting Stores or call for prompt and professional service from our staff of more than 50 lighting professionals.

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